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September 30, 2008



No Mommy Guilt! You deserve a night out on the town with your hubby once in awhile. Jake has an AWESOME mommy and a night with the sitter is not going to hurt him, he will have a ton of FUN I am betting!! :) Enjoy the game, it is exciting to have a team in the playoffs! Gary was SOO upset the Mets bombed out, lol!


We'll have to meet for a play date one day so that I can babysit. ;-) We are very near each other and I am very experienced with the rowdiness of boys-I have three!!! Anyway, I understand the guilt. It took me a long time to trust people with my kids, too. Go out and enjoy yourself. These chances will not come very often when there are more kids to be watched!!! ;-)


You know, Jake might be reacting to "babies" reality. Just a thought. Don't have any guilt, honey; just let it go!


I feel your pain, and it really sucks. Go out tonight and have fun!


I had headaches non-stop with Tilley. The doctor finally convinced me that some mild pain meds were safe. It was awful! I reluctantly took them, felt better and she's fine!

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