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September 22, 2008



I love reading great drama, but it is such a letdown to find out that it is made up.
When is your next sonogram?


There was a verrrrry popular blogger, one of the first generation IF bloggers, that I always wondered if she was real or not. I have serious doubts about it, especially if there is just soooo much drama.

Plus I have been scammed by a real life criminal who claimed to be someone they weren't, so there is always a bit of doubt when I read some blogs.

I think a grain (or block) of salt is always needed when reading anything online.


I read this blog: Confessions of a CF Husband and he had posted about another CF perons who made up a whole CF diagnosis for herself. She went so far as to get donations and that sort of thing. I remember reading that someone investigated and I believe pressed charges (don't quote me on that is was a few months ago).


Honestly, that's why I hardly read any blogs but yours -- your life is like mine; so much going on that couldn't be made up! he he

If I read a blog for a while and then found out it was created, I'd feel ripped off. Really sad to have that small a life that you make up your life. Then, again, I was scammmed several times, during our adoption wait and that also blew my mind, so hey.


There are a few that I have read where I wondered the same thing. I think in this day and age it is only natural to be cautious and almost cynical, which in itself is very sad. Or it could be that I was taken for thousands of dollars by a so-called-best-friend that makes me so cynical.. (roll eyes) But anyway, I take everything I read with a grain of salt and unless I know that person well, I just read it for what it is, entertainment.


I think a blog allows for great reading and that is what most of it is. Like a good book. I wouldn't ever think to donate to someone or buy them something on the wishlist from a blog. I would rather have a online baby shower for someone I have been chatting with for three years:) HINT HINT!!! But your blog is different, it is real not mad up and I read one other blog daily that is also the same, real not made up. Both of you don't ask for money, both of you don't have wishlists, and both of you have ups and downs just like the rest of us. If only I had the time to write it I would go back to a blog, but I don't! Keep on with the blog and I am sorry the other person's blog turned out fake.



Hmmmm. I haven't seen a blog yet that I thought was made up. I'm dying to know what this blog is that you are talking about! ;-) I also can't imagine "wishlists" or donating money on here, but that's just me...


That sounds strange. I've only been blogging since January, but I've never run across wish lists or anything like that.


come on...what blog is it? dont leave us hanging...


I tend to err on the side of naivete, so I believe most of what I read to be true. Now I wonder, though......


I read an excellent blog (sweet|salty) that someone ripped chunks out of and used her words as their own. Even her pictures. There was a huge hullabaloo and it seems the perpetrator was a woman with some gender issues pretending to be a single dad with two kids.

It was, um...distressing.

For the most part I tend to believe what I read but I do drop out of reading blogs if things are always on 'high-stress'.

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