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September 25, 2008



Mom to mom, trust your instinct. If you think something is wrong, trust that instinct. I've learned the hard way to TRUST my gut.


I used to get migraine headaches all the time, and seeing a chiropractor really helped.
As someone who babysits a lot, it does seem odd that your sitter would come 20 minutes early...in my mind, that's just inconsiderate and is almost as bad as coming late. A couple minutes early is okay, but more than 5 or so and the parents won't be ready (case in point you were trying to get dressed). And coming in stained, torn clothes is just unprofessional...come in play clothes, sure, jeans and a t-shirt or something, but not rags. And the tattoo thing just sounds...odd. Not sure what it means, but it sounds weird.
Good luck with everything and congrats on the twins!


I say that you have to trust your gut. I think that if you were able to find so many quirks that bothered you, you just weren't able to recognize what really made you uneasy. It's either a match, or it's not. You don't have to justify that.


I say, trust your instincts too... If I have found all the things you mentioned in my babysitter, I would be uncomfortable as well, and I would probably not hire her again. Good Luck.


OMG...I have told so many people before, "I am not your hon." I despise that!

Now, for this sitter issue...if A had moved to east TN your problems would be solved! *hee hee*


Oh, and I have a close friend who is a chiropractor. If you go that route, be super careful. He says that not all chiros know their stuff when it comes to preggo women.


Call me judgmental, but the tattoos and bummin' clothes would have bothered me.

But the deal=breaker would have been the "hon" thing. BIG PET PEEVE!

3 hons, and you're outta there!

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