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September 30, 2008



Oh I knew you weren't, just adding to the list of legit reasons. :o) I really don't understand the 38 weeks with twins just because its twins either. Now there are good reasons some docs will induce/c-section for twins: placenta(s) aren't functioning well and babies are getting stressed, growth anomalies (one twin is getting way bigger than the other), any sign the babies just aren't thriving are good reasons to get the kids out.

Plus some theories suggest that once the uterus gets to a certain size, it thinks the the folks inside are done and they need to get out. Isn't that wild? we still don't know what triggers labor at all, and that maybe part of the reason docs want to shorten twin pgs.

I totally think there are waaaaay too many c-sections in the US and feel a huge part of it is fear of lawsuits by docs.

I would talk to your doc now about how the feel about taking this pg as far as you can go and keep everyone healthy.


Very cool video!!


The video was so great. I loved the feeling that "it can be done", although I tried to be aware that my FORTITUDE wasn't all that was at play when I was pg (and I know you agree). That came back when I kept miscarrying in my later pgs and I had to let go that I had only done SO much to make my one successful pregnancy SUCCESSFUL and that I could only do so much to make my subsequent pregnancies successful. Still, you ARE doing a lot and fortitude, what you eat, how you take care of yourself and a dose of luck does make a big difference!


Awesome video!!! Amazing how big each of the twins seemed, did you notice? Another twin "myth" is that they are always small...there was a set in the video that were almost 9lbs EACH! Awesome!!!


Great video! I think that gathering all sorts of positive stories and encouragement is just the thing to be doing. It really drove me crazy when I was pregnant the first time and, in response to my statement that I wanted a natural birth with as little intervention as possible, people would tell me that I had "no idea" and needed to "wait and see." I am incredibly grateful for all that modern medicine has to offer when there are complications, but I also knew that I wanted to give myself every chance for a natural birth. And, you know what, now that I have "seen" and do have an "idea," I still feel the same way. Anyway, like I said, looking for positive stories and encouragement helped me the whole time. Along the way I saw many great stories of vaginal and unmedicated births with multiples. It certainly can be done! One site that you might check out if you haven't already is Mothering.com-- they have lots of birth stories on their message boards and you can search for multiples. It is crunchy (again with that word) and I sometimes felt like I was definitely one of the more mainstream lurkers there, but I still loved the birth stories.

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