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September 27, 2008



When I was pregnant with Emma I had lots of migraines (I get them anyways but couldn't take my meds for them) the midwife told me to take a benedryl and drink half a cup of coke...it has to be coke. It never worked for me but it might for you! Hope the migraine goes away soon!


Well I didn't see a pic of the cute belly full of avocababies... ;o)

And pg se.x was the best se.x we ever had...those hormones can be a very good thing!


Sex for reasons not pertaining to getting pregnant? Is there such a thing?

:) Glad you're doing well! That waking up to the bump thing... I can only imagine that would be wonderful.

Karen J.

SO glad you are feeling better...and what a great bonus....teenager sex! LOL :)

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