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May 20, 2009



WELL SAID! I agree with you 100% I basically say must of what you say when people complain about getting up with the baby in the middle of the night. We just got a new foster baby...not sure how long she will be here, but she has Colic bad, and as much as I want to pull my hair out between 3-7pm in the afternoon (when it is at it's worst and all my kids are home, dinner needs to get done, bathtime etc) I remind myself how lucky I am do be able to do fostercare, how this baby was unloved before she came to me, and that colic is something we have little information about. I find if I wear her very tight, she no longer crieds from 3-7pm:) I also find if she goes to bed at 7pm,and I wake her at 9:30pm feed her, bath her, put her back to bed, she will sleep through the night until 6:30am:) Sometimes, it is just a matter of finding a schedule and sticking to it:) At eight weeks old a baby is still learning and is still a newborn. That baby could be wet, starving etc. So again, I agree with you!


I was terrified of SIDS. I got the Angel Care Monitor and used it till my first was 18 months old and now my second has it (13 months old). It saved my sanity for my first but I am a bit more easygoing with my second. I would recomend this to anyone. I can not imagine the the horror your friend went thru and I am so sorry for her loss. I think people who just get pregnant at the drop of a hat and have simple pregnancys and deliveries dont understand the challenges we infertiles face and the demons we fight in our hearts and minds. I dont think they are being intentionally cruel but just dont know any better and really are not thinking outside their box - a lack of compasion on their parts but not intentional. I guess you could gently let them know how lucky they are. I am sorry to hear of all your friends going thru such a tough time. It is so hard.


I agree Maggie 100%!! and with you too D!

People just don't realize how lucky they are, the gift they have, to have a healthy baby wake them up every night.

Its worse then the don't drink the water jokes about how easy it is to get PG. People should really think before they speak.

If only.

Debbie in the UK

Dear Deanna

I too think you were absolutely meant to be a Mum. You are a complete natural and seem to take everything in your stride. I am in awe of you!

Thanks for updating regularly and letting me see the photographs of your sweet, sweet boys. They are amazing. I think I said before, I can’t believe how fast the time is going, and they are growing like weeds.

Likewise, there are people who moan all the time and never appreciate just how lucky they are, but that happens in all walks of life. I know people who have everything materially, and also husbands and children who love them, but still they moan. Drives me crackers!


Karen J

AMEN! Being one of those who would love to get up 10 times a night....

I love your attitude, your gratefulness and your ability to know that even through the rough times you are a blessed gal! That is just one thing that makes you a very special person and such a GREAT mom!


I have found the older I get, the less tolerance I have for people in general. Nothing is ever good enough, ya know?

You are such a great mom and those boys are so blessed to have you! And they are gonna grow up to be great men because of you and A.

And if you were talking about me....you better believe I'd get up 20 times a night just to have my sweet girl back here with me.

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