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June 09, 2009



Hmmm ... lets see - 3 children, two of which are infants, the other one is 3 (which is sometimes worse than 2 infants); packing to move; trying to diet; dealing with family issues ...

I can't understand why you are frustrated. You kids will be just fine if you let them cry or amuse themselves for a few hours while you deal with everything else. This is only temporary and then you'll be able to return to the "good" wife and mommy that you are...


You're being too hard on yourself. All of these situations may suck, but you certainly don't suck as a person.


First, So sorry! I hope Nathan is helped at the chiro. Nothing makes a mom feel more horrible or helpless than a child who can't seem to be easily "fixed".

Second, Jake seems to have had the day my little AP had on MOnday. I felt like a TERRIBLE mother and started questioning the entire way I have been parenting over the last 3 1/2+ years.... It was such a frustrating day, and both he and I were in such terrible moods by bedtime that I couldn't even blog about it, because I felt that it was surely all my fault, and everyone would recognize what a parental failure I was.

Then Tuesday went really well, and we forgave each other and had a really great day.

Funny thing - today at work, I was having to Goggle (although I actually Yahoo! things) Manfrotto, because someone had asked if we had an equivalent product to quote. I'd never heard of it before, and determined they made camera accessories such as tripods and mounts - not what our distributor was actually looking for.

Then, by strange coincidence - I see that box in your photo with the Manfrotto name and logo - how odd is that !?! I was meant to read your blog today!

I'm sorry about the MIL and move. I know you've tried very hard with the MIL situation.

The whole move thing sounds quite sucky to me.

You are a GREAT mom - just look at those boys - that's all the proof you need. You deserve a pity party once in a while! (AND a day off from dieting...)

Chin up - it's bound to get better!


I'm going to ditto everyone who's posted -- moving along as a profession is shitty. Then you add the wonder and joy of our children and their ups and downs, omg. Add and stir (let's!) your MIL. Then different styles of communication. Then trying to watch/deal with our weight. Pressure cooker! Don't be so hard on yourself -- but keep venting, as you are good at that, just like you are a good mom (which is why you are venting instead of bad-mom actions). Love and hugs.


Deanna, you have every right to have a "sucky" post! Of course you know you are lucky to have what you have but that doesn't mean you still can't have issues! I would be losing my mind if I was in your shoes! lol I don't know how you do it with a 3 yr old and twins. Connor isn't quite 3 yet but having him and Lilly (15mos) is chaotic for me and I can't imagine no sleep and trying to pack and then not being to have my own things for 2-3 mos. I really feel for you. I don't think you SUCK at anything. You are an AWESOME mother and wife! Don't you ever doubt that for a minute!

Take care :)

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