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July 14, 2009



That was so cute.. Boy he has a lot to say.


Hilarious! Just cracked me up -- susan


FUnny! His expressions remind me of that funny commercial where the baby is sitting in front of the computer - maybe running some internet company....


I love that!!!


that kid is really really cute


YEA-how was your day?! Let me know how you liked the group! I'm missing my MoMs meeting tonight b/c we all got some nasty stomach bug. ICK! I hope you guys had fun. Oh, and let me know the boys did at the movies-we are supposed to go next week and I'm a little nervous about taking all 3.

Your Wesley reminds me so much of my Ezra! Ez is 2 lbs. bigger and talks ALL the time like that! He'll go on forever. What sweet boys we have.


Very good talking! Wonderful expression, super intonation, terrific communication! Totally on-target speech development. Way to go Wesley!


How adorable!!! Does Wesley look like your hubby? I think I remember seeing a picture of him and he resembled him. It's been so long though I can't remember for sure. LOL

How do you manage to blog with 3 kids? I have 2 and can't keep up to date on mine.

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