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July 23, 2009



I have really bad reflux as do my children, and yes even my foster children! With that said, sometimes it can be so bad that it comes back up and in the nose! Sounds gross, but I remember when I had it so bad it was in my noise the taste was so bad etc. I am on meds for it and it has been very helpful! My newest foster baby has it really bad. She sleeps upright on a boppy pillow! But she also when she gets it bad it comes out her nose etc and clogs it all up and yes her scream...gosh wakes the whole house! My advice go to the doctor. Could be as simple as not nursing him and putting him on soy (some baby's get reflux from what mom eats) I had to cut dairy out and some other food when I was nursing to help with my sons reflux. Could be as simple as adding ceral to his bottle of breastmilk to thicken it up. Meds work wonders...but yes push. If you think something is wrong go with what you think! He should be sleeping much better at night and so should you:) (((HUGS)))


P had silent reflux. Never really fussed, but then again (don't shoot me) but we realized he slept better on his stomach at 3.5 weeks (he was sleeping best on his stomach on my chest). Once we put him on his stomach he slept much better. But we still didn't link the two together because he realy didn't spit up that much. He did have a lot of hiccups....he also had really bad ear infections and upper respiratory infections (both of which are secondary symptoms to reflux). We didn't put two and two together till he turned one and we put him on whole milk. The boy would projectile vomit everywhere within 30 minutes of having a bottle. We put him on reflux medicine, switched him to soy milk, and the rest is history. Now we did have to switch his meds a couple of times to find something that works (he was belching like a man who had downed a 6 pack)...but so far so good. We did end up taking him to a pediatric gastro who scoped him and said that he did have inflammation but no liaisons. So go with your gut. Also, try laying him on his tummy and see if he sleeps better that way....you can find monitors that go off if they stop moving for 20 seconds. P slept on that till he was 9 months old.


Kaze was terrified of the dark from the first week. Good luck...your instincts are almost never wrong!

Susan Sparling

Supporting your instincts, too. I also wouldn't rule out tonsil or adenoid problems. My dd had a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy a few months ago and her sleeping at night has improved (not perf yet but she was 3 by the time I figured this out) and also was no longer nose breathing or sounding like a foghorn when she was asleep. An ENT can tell you so much. Best of luck -- really. Your steps will yield lots of info and some comfort, I'm sure.


Angel Care Monitor is the monitor that makes sure your baby is moving all the time (breathing). It is about 100 bucks and it is WONDERFUL. Gave me piece of mind for both my kids for the first year. I HIGHLY reccomend it - especially if he is vomiting.


Maggie - That is the monitor we had...couldn't remember the name off the top of my head. D - It is awesome and gave me a huge piece of mind with P sleeping on his stomach.

Go with your gut...it won't steer you wrong!


Our A had bad reflux as an infant even with Soy. I can only suggest proping him. He might need more proping than A did in this case you might want something along these lines http://www.arpillow.com



Tilley sat sitting up in her car seat (doc's orders not mine) and it was somewhat helpful.

Keep an eye on tht nose junk...it can turn to ear infection in a snap!

Love ya, girl! Rile was my sleep and Tilley didn't...ever....so I know how you feel!


I meant Tilley slept in her car seat! Mommy brain!

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