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August 03, 2009



WOW!! He looks great! I wish I could get my daughter to swim like that. She hates getting her face wet, so just blowing bubbles without getting her eyes in is a BIG deal for us. Jake looks amazing though!! Great job!

Susan Sparling

Jake's just amazing. Wonderful swimming, my dear! Love the audience, too.

Debbie in the UK

He is such a little sportsman. He really is a little darling x


WOW. I don't think I've ever seen one so young swimming underwater like that - he's part amphibian!!! That's pretty amazing.


Wow, Deanna! Did he learn that at home or did he have swim lessons?


Wow he is really awesome swimming! From what you say about Jake, he reminds me so much of my little cousin, Connor who is only a few wks younger than Jake. He's a fish in the water too. My Connor on the other hand, not so much! Lilly loves the water though. Good job Jake!!! Loved watching the dog fetching the stick thing too :)

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