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November 03, 2009



I'm so glad you said Nathan says MAMA! I SWEAR Ezra can talk! (and so does my mom and a friend of mine!) It's insane. I think he says hi, bye, and block! no joke. At least it sure sounds like it! I'm super impressed with the waving and clapping. I just realize the other day that it might be a good idea for me to show them what those things are. HAHA! Isn't it hard with the 2nd and 3rd?!

oh, I so wish we lived near each other and could get together. My boys are also 3 lbs. different (except Ez is 20 lbs!) It'd be so fun to sit then right next to each other and just stare. haha.

Sorry to hear about Nathan's sleeping! Is there really just no option? Does doc. think that when he is weaned and no waking at night to eat that he will stop the screaming, or did she just leave you without any answer? Think a homeopathic doc or someone like that might have answers?

Okay, that sure was a long comment-I should have just emailed!


Kaymie used to have night terrors. They can seem like they're awake, but they are not. When he wakes like this, wash his face with a cold washcloth. That'll wake him up and sort of re-set his system. We did that several times with Kaymie and she finally stopped.


How old was she when she went through that? The experts say to not wake them. So Im confused on what to do.

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