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December 28, 2009


Debbie in the UK

You are doing a grand job with those boys Deanna, hope Christmas was great!!!


Heheheeee! Absolutely adorable! I was so loving the smiley guy on the left. They are totally fascinated with the water!

Very cool! Thanks for sharing.


I love it!! Cade likes the bath just as much.


I dont' know if yours are always like this...BUT, My "BIG GUY" is always talking loud, splashing, and has more hair!! WHILE, little man just has the most gorgeous smile-just like yours!! oh, and little man is SUPER wild and always climbing stuff. That's so crazy!

...and...I call my hubby "Wesser!"


Luv it! They are so happy! The smiles make it all worth while!

Hope you are having a wonderful 2010 so far!


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