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December 28, 2009



I'm thinking exercise is highly overrated. Went for a run for the first time in..forever tonight. It was not fun. I dread going again. Had to wear 2 sports bras to tame the milk jugs. Now, my back hurts and I have a headache. haha. I think just some fresh air could do the trick ;-)


I get what my toddlers get (3 and 18 months) nothing you can do! They have had a cough for months and i go see the doctor and they do nothing. i am the sole provider from 6am to 7pm. It is exausting sometimes and a bit lonely too! Worth it and all but still a longggg day sometimes!


The first year of my daughters life was the sickest of mine. I had severe bronchitis 4 times and everything else you can imagine in between. I think just being run down by lack of sleep made my immune system just stop. Finally in the second year it seemed to get better. Emergen-C works miracles for me on preventing illness now. You are my hero, I am only taking care of two with a lot of help from hubby and I am still barely crawling into bed at night.

Susan Sparling

Ms. D, you're simply worn out. Your immune system is taking hits day and nite. I wish I could help some! Echinacea?

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