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January 05, 2010



I glad you mentioned the teeth. It baffles me to no end to hear people say, "We will start solids as soon as they get their first tooth"


Cause what, that first tooth will help them do what exactly?




I am shocked to say that I have never heard of this, but it makes so much sense! Gosh I wish I knew about this when the girls started on soilds. Evy is chunky and never gets full (concerns me) while Lennon is the opposite (super picky and won't eat at ALL). I can't get them off the purees, the hate most table foods and meal time has become a HUGE struggle. I will for sure be trying this route with Nolan instead. Thanks for the info!


Wow. I have never heard of this before...makes sense though. Maybe with baby#2 we can try this.

Thanks D for always showing us the 'other' options to the norm!



My oldest dd instituted this herself -- she refused pureed foods and I was stymied. My MD said to just try small-cut steamed veggies and she was alllll about the control! Yep, it was messy and she adored wearing her food! My other two had serious gag issues and so we just took our time.

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