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January 27, 2010



haha, that's great. so not boring! man, Nathan reminds me SO MUCH of Levi. Oh, and I love the monkey shirt. I think we are doing a "Monkey See, Monkey Do" themed first birthday party. Not much to the party or the theme, just have monkey outfits for them and there's a monkey on the invitation. :-)

Susan Sparling

Love the boys -- this is the last note I'll write before bed tonight and you just clinched a great evening -- gotta love your two dancers! xoxo

Karen J

You so just made my day with that! I love it!


So cute! Love it!!!


I agree!!

Major bullshit

I've written several blog posts in my head about politics. About health care. And religion.

I'm to tired to deal with the aftermath too.

so I'll hide here....letting your baby cry? not gonna help. Some of the strongest humans on the planet carry their babies the first year constantly.

More Government will never help.

God IS there, if you wanna chat.

Dancing babies ALWAYS makes me smile. Especially when they are wearing monkey shirts.

Thanks for the smiles and letting me hide.

Debbie in the UK

Totally adorable. I just cannot believe where the time has gone Deanna, it just seems the other day they were born !


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