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February 11, 2010



I don't know what to say, other than I'm sending you hugs.

Karen J

Gosh, I am sorry. HUGS too....


Birthfamily communication - while any at all would be a blessing for us, I know it's not always easy or good news.

I'd definitely keep a copy of the original for Jake. perhaps you'll have a time when you'll share the info with him in your own words, and then it could be a much later time when it's appropriate to share the actual words from his bio father.

Susan Sparling

Thinking of you and how many times our hearts ache for our children's birthfamilies.


Thinking of you and agree that you should print out the email and save it for Jake for when he is older. That is best, sometimes the truth hurts but I am a firm in the truth is always best in all cases, even if it hurts us. We can always work through the pain together. Jake has you to help him, love him...he will see that! Birthfamiles can be so hard. My sons mom has biopolor and that has been a trip and even more.

Debbie in the UK

I was only thinking the other day how you had not mentioned them for a while. Hope everything works out one way or another Deanna, but the hurt for Jake must be awful.

As for the boys' birthday party, well I think think you are doing the best thing, less stress all around!



We had something similiar. We just printed and saved it.

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