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February 09, 2010



The five of you and some cake sounds pretty good! And a lot less drama.

nikki christina

Thats what we do. no parties. family are just flakey. we do small cakes at home , they pick their dinner, we decorate the house & we take them someplace fun the weekend around their birthdays. my girls are 8, 4 & (just turned 2)
we threw 1 party the year the oldest 2 girls turned 6 & 2 (b-days are 6 days apart)& it just aggravated me.
now they have enough friends that im sure a couple will come.. i may try a small party this april.
but.. they have gotten so used to not having parties & getting to pick somewhere to go.. that they cant decide weither they want to do that.. or have a party (i hope they pick trip!)


kind of along this subject...are you going to give your boys their cakes @ the same time? I wanted to be able to focus on each 1 individually, take pics of the whole thing, etc. When I mentioned doing their cakes 23 minutes apart (like their birth) I got laughed at. Any good ideas??

Susan Sparling

Are we related? This type of craziness sounds like my mom. ahhhhhhhh. It's just wrong. Hugs, big hugs.

On another note. . . babies' first birthday! OMG how can they be almost 1 ~~ really wonderful celebration -- have it onlyl with those you love is my 2 cents.

Karen J

Man, I can't believe they are going to be one already! I would have had the same reaction! Your feelings are totally validated in my book. One thing if you can't make the trip for anything, but making it for one reason and not being able to make it for your own grandsons????? I say small family party, screw the drama! :) HUGS!


I would come if we loved in the same state! lets do a SKYPE PARTY with all the online friends:) LOL WE LOVE YOU! We love the boys:)

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