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February 08, 2010



oh, I say let it rip. Who cares if we all have different opinions...that's what's so great! I LOVE reading what other people think, even if I don't agree. I have a blog post I've been figuring out in my head for a long time. See, I know people won't agree with what I have to say, but I just feel like I need to write it. And, my blog is my place. So, if people choose to read, they should not be offended...just understand and be thankful for differences. Makes the world interesting! :-) Write away friend!


I agree!! Write whatever you want and forget anyone who may be offended. This life is too short to live for anyone but yourself anyway!


Offend away! I love hearing about your boys ... even after going through infertility, there are still days when I want to strangle my son. I love him (and my DD) with every part of my being, but he's still a 4 year old boy!


I agree with everyone! It's your blog!

Debbie in the UK

I love your blog and I love your stories!! It's up to you really Deanna, it could be that you are just fed up of writing!!


I love reading your blog and I don't think you are ungrateful if you complain, it just makes me think, hey someone out there is having a day like Im having. We can all relate.


I am NOT a fan of not speaking your mind. Go for it! Your opinions are valid regardless of whether I agree with them or not. I don't agree with some of the views you have on things and I am sure you don't agree with mine (CIO for example) but I respect your opinions and your right to raise your kids the way you want...and I know you respect my right as a mother to do the same. As for complaining...you are NOT ungrateful for your boys...you are a mother...it is hard...and you need to vent!

Karen J

I agree...let it rip! This your place!


I have missed you! and I agree with everyone! I do not think venting will be complaining about parenting, but perhaps something that all of us mothers could relate to. Parenting is hard, especially at 3 and 4 (like mine) yrs old. sometimes hearing what other mothers go thru makes you think that we are not alone in this.


I, for one, would miss tales of the work/life/dogs/kids/mom thing you have going on.

But this blog needs to be for YOU, not for us. So I say, use it to say whatever you want to. If I happen to start reading some political rant that I disagree with, you know what? I won't comment. I'll just stop reading that post or skip on to the next bright spot about the boys. How about that?

It's your blog. The readers can go to heck, I say. (But not me, of course. I'll still be here).


i second "let it rip" open up and share - i adopted my two and sometimes i feel ungrateful if i complain but in reality i have every right to complain now and then and if anyone tells me i am ungrateful i will tell them to shut up !!!!! you can too!


when i say you can too i mean you can complain too - not that you can shut up! haha LOL just wanted to clarify!




Let 'er RIP baby! Having differences in opinion is what makes the world go round!

And you know that I have an adopted son and dealing with infertility issues too...but I also just want to scream some days...Jake and Patrick's age is so trying. It just makes you real and knowing you are going through the same thing makes my life feel normal and not abnormal!

luv ya gilr!

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