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February 17, 2010



I give you credit for sticking to your guns. I can't say I agree with all you have written but you sound confident in your decision and you are their Mom! I have two girls so I have no idea about the whole penis thing :) -- my kids were vaccinated but I spread it out a bit and felt comfortable with my decision. My doctors have always been pro-vaccination. They pressed to do it "on time" but I did it my way. My daughter choked/gagged a few times when she was learning to eat (I had to do the himlik on her- and i know i spelt that wrong :) ) so I have to go with your doctor about the eating issue - it was too scary to see her choke not to see the danger. She tried to stuff it all in so quickly that she would not chew enought. So scary. I would never be able to do the BLW. At any rate, I hope you find the perfect doctor!


you crack me up! I am so proud of you for getting that ladies hand off his penis! That's so insane!!! What was she thinking?? I've seen my boys pee and that hole pops right open when it needs to.

vaccines are soo tough. I also see their benefit but am really scared. So far I've waited four years for one child and haven't gotten up the nerve to give her one! Maybe she should get tetanus!? Haha... I dunno!

I didn't do blw, but am super intrigued. I'm so glad you stood up for yourself! GO D!!!

WHAT does the eating paper have to do with anything? That was hilarious. Good luck finding a new doc...sounds like a good choice.


I agree with much of what you said:) Ben was cut because that is what my husband wanted, and they only took a little off and it kinda grew back up, and his doc before I could say anything at age two went and pulled it very hard back down! It bleed for days! We changed doctors. My adopted son was also cut in the hospital but only very little, so at this point hard to tell, and as the above poster said, it pops in and out when needed. If I had to do it over again with my own son I wouldn't EVER do it unless I had some major medical reason! I am happy you did what you did! We have spread shots out here and so have most of my friends. I also only give the ones I feel as a mom will be helpful! I myself do the fly shot but have't done the N1H1! You are a GREAT MOM! You do what is best and that is why you are the MOM!

HUGS Summer


Yikes! I'm so glad our male doc is also uncirc'd so he was more knowledgeable with our son - also uncirc'd. We do push it back gently, but only as far as it goes on its on to was in the bath. Actually, he does it himself now.

We vac'd on time, but I think as long as you are doing the research, your kiddos will be just fine with whatever you decide.

We are doing a mix of BLW and purees (I know, totally against the recommendations). DD needed the extra calories due to her size and slow growth, so I needed her to get more food than she was getting on her own.

Hang in there momma! You're doing great!


Paper? huh? I wonder what she would have said about Gabbie licking the bottoms of shoes.... ;)

Sounds like this doc is definately a "my way or the highway" sort...which bugs me too. There is definately more then one way to skin a cat.

They're to pale? Seriously? in your dessert you should have been commended for that you would think. Good job keeping then skin safe.

Odd doc!


LOVE it! You are such a super mama D :-) My BLW baby has never choked either. For that matter, none of my IRL friends who do BLW have had choking incidents. Of course, we also do not give those nasty gooey processed teething biscuits (although I will admit we have a slight mum mum addiction here).

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