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February 10, 2010



I know how you feel! Things have finally gotten to the point that we have started inviting my mom to things again. We had Christmas all together for the first time in a year. Even though she still won't tell me she loves me. Oh well, I still love her and she's not going to change so I should except her for who she is.

Can't believe the boys are going to be 1 already. Time flies.

Karen J

Sounds like a GREAT plan! :)


Just ENJOY the day - it's all about the kids,and you celebrating them. I really cannot believe almost 12 months have gone by! They're adorable. Hopefully, future birthdays can include more of the family again. If not, they'll know how loved and special they are just with the immediate 5 of you gathering for any of the boys' birthdays!

You'll enjoy this one more this way, I hope!

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