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March 10, 2010



Ive lurked and followed you and your quest to become a mommy since your a.com days. I love reading about your family here and I find your frankness refreshing. I too am a fellow adoptive mom who also has a bio child. I would like to be able to keep up on FB if possible. I dont really do twitter. Thank you, and congrats to you and your hubby on your anniversary and on your beautiful family!! My email is mexicoadoptions@yahoo.com

FB is Sara Cullison Pearson

All the best,


Oh, I hate that you are leaving! I would love to follow your protected blog - I adopted too and really like to read your blog.


Hi Deanna, See you on facebook whenever I get a chance to login... :P


You'll be missed! As will the dogs and cute pics of those boys....


You'll be missed! I too have been following since a.com.... I would love to follow your PW blog.


another a.com-er here. I'd also enjoy staying with you if you do a PW blog. I know I don't comment a ton, but I do like to follow.

Susan Sparling

I'll miss your blog but easily catch you on FB. xoxo

Debbie in the UK

Hey! Friend me on FB or email me and I will friend you!

Of course I would want to follow you if you start a PW blog. Let me know Deanna



Keep me in the loop, too!


I also have followed you for what seems like forever. You gave me hope as we waited to adopt our son (who came home with us at 8 months) and is just younger than Jake. You will be missed!


I have been with you since the months prior to Jake till now. I already see you on twitter and FB, but would love to keep up with you on the PW blog if that is OK with you.



me me me :-) hope you and your family are doing well.


Hey Deanna I haven't checked in on you in a while. I would love to see you on FB. My email is: sheshegirl@comcast.net to look me up.

I'd also like your pw to keep following your blog :)


Best wishes in all that you do....

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