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November 24, 2008



Tomorrow morning (if it doesn't hurt tonight), soak in cold water and then lotion up. Lots and lots of lotion. Works everytime for me.


I second the cold water thing. Good Luck!


I would still try the lotion, you may be surprised. I hope you don't have to have it cut off too!


I was actually a goldsmith in a former life - LOL!!
Cutting off your rings is not a big deal. They just solder them back together - no different than if you had them sized.

If the cold hands with lotion doesn't work - try dishsoap.

If that doesn't work at some point you may have to consider cutting them off. Go to a good goldsmith and have them do it.

I hope you get them off yourself - let us know!!


I used to work in jewelry. Windex. Spray your finger down a lot and work it under the ring. It has silicon in it and works every time, without getting your rings all gunky.

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