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November 26, 2008



Just a comment from a mom with three children who've gone through potty learning (I never "trained" any of them!). . . poop usually comes later as a choice in the potty. Apparently, poop is just scarier. For some reason, my littlest one chose to potty train with poop first, but go figure.

About T-giving, you sound like you're doin' a LOT, my friend, and I'm so glad you bought pies! Try to relax and have everyone else do all the work manana! You're pretty amazing, really. . . and your babies agree (plus your dh and Jake for sure). . .


I had the oldest potty trained by 21 months, which was awesome because I had another little one coming! However, the middle son was almost four!!!! argh!!!! They really are potty trained when they are ready-no matter when you start. At least, that's what it was like in my experiences!!

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