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February 17, 2009



Oh honey, you are doing a great job. I know it can be frustrating to not get answers when you need them. It sounds like you have a great plan for tomorrow. Go to the Big Man and get the answers you want/need. It will all seem like a distant memory soon.

When I was pregnant the last time, I kept spotting, which scared the ever loving crap out of me. The doc kept saying it was no big deal, which made it worse. (I had a bladder infection, as it turned out)

Sometimes medical personnel forget that we are nervous and want real, specific answers to our very real concerns.

I hope that you get a good's night sleep! ;-)


Sweetheart, this is the downfall of HAVING these d*mn U/S views. . . we get only *so* much info and then we can't be trusted to handle the full story. OMG, after all of your work, study, knowledge, I'd want to say, "just tell me what you know!" Interestingly, they only know *so* much and the rest they have to surmise. Rest, try to calm your heart and know that you'll know more soon. My OB (who I later hated but then I loved) told me that "when we hear the sound of horses hooves, it's usually horses, not zebras". Hang on -- babies are coming and Lefty will grow -- I know you don't NEED my assurance, but it's right here. Sleeeeep. Tomorrow is another day (and more medical personnel, sheesh!)

Debbie in the UK

Thinking of you. Whatever you decide I am sure it will be the right move for yourself and all your family. You have done your level best to put these babies first and have done a bloody marvellous job so far.



Hang in there sweetie! Go talk to whomever you need to, demand answers and stand your ground. U/S is NOT an exact science! If a test can be off by a pound or more re baby's weight....that seems insane to me that it would carry so much weight in the doc's eyes. Pun intended. ;o)


Remember that ultrasounds are not 100%! We were told that are son was five something and he came out seven something! Almost everyone I had on my case load had bigger babies than what the ultrasound said said! I wouldn't let it get you down! I agree the U/S is not supposed to carry so much weight in a doctors eye, it really is good just to let us view that the baby or in you're case babies are all doing well etc! It allows us to see inside and spot a hige problem if we spot one, but other than that I think it should be used just to say hi to the baby! maybe to also check in on a baby who is not a mover etc.


Hang in there D. Go to the head guy today and demand answers. They are your babies and your body and you deserve them!!


I can't believe how many ultrasounds they do down in the States. Why are they ultrasounding you so often, is there a reason? (I don't read daily so I may have missed it).

Ultrasounds for size are not reliable on fetuses that are the size of babies! So that's crazy to even do that. Even a fundal height is not that accurate, they can change from measurement to measurement, even if the same person is measuring, and especially late in pregnancy.


I agree with Nancy! To me, seems like a lot of US's which are just adding stress to you. Hope the doctors will put your mind at ease

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